Buying a Stucco Home?

Historically the stucco industry has received a very big black eye because of system failures and water intrusion. Sellers often avoid having the stucco inspected because they simply don’t want to know and have to disclose those items or, they have some idea of problems but don’t want them confirmed by an inspection. So be sure to ask if they have had the stucco inspected, when it was done, and if you can have access to the report.

Stucco inspections and disclosures

If the sellers say that they have had the stucco inspected ask them if they have had any repairs or gotten any estimates for repairs. The rules for disclosure are very strong, and have equally strong consequences for people that violate them. A house that appears beautiful could and sometimes does have major problems below the surface. Any competent buyers’ agent will call for an inspection of the home by a stucco inspection firm.  That being said, the best approach to any issues is the proactive approach.

Examples of issues with stucco

What to do if the seller has had a previous stucco inspection?

  1. Most inspectors us a standard inspection format and some are way better than others. Inspections that take water and density samplings are by far better than a simple observational method. Second look how much was sampled. Did the inspector actually get up on a ladder and test for water, were all windows tested etc.  
  2. If the seller has repair estimates, is the firm doing the repairs related to the inspection firm.  Are the people doing the repairs stucco professionals, or are that painters or handymen.

No Inspection Report?

If there is no inspection report, it seems outdated, or the proposed repairs don’t address the entire report, we recommend you get a new report!

  1. Contact stucco supply firms or stucco installers and ask them what firm provides for the most comprehensive stucco inspections. Or come talk to us!
  2. Become informed about any stucco issues so you can separate fact from fiction and protect the investment you are making.
  3. Stucco is not a maintenance-free siding.  Find out what routine items should be done and what that would cost annually.  This maintenance will not only identify and repair small items before they become big, but shows a track record of how well you have taken care of your home.

When buying a stucco home imagine other complementary possibilities like these:

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